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You Tube, may actually freeze your view count at any stage in the life of your channel if the algorithm picks up what it considers to be fraudulent behavior.

Once the checks have been concluded, and your views have been verified, your count will be adjusted.

The thread contains literally of different users with videos suffering the same problems, and links to even more threads submitted by other You Tube users suffering the same frozen view issue.

Google's response in the thread states the view count stagnation is tied to the following: "Occasionally, when a video becomes popular quickly, it takes our computers longer to make sure those views are accurate.

If they are all from a group of the same computers, they will be disqualified.

In fact, even some of us here at Search Engine have had our own videos frozen by You Tube over the last couple of months for no apparent reason. Now the bad news: You Tube has absolutely no idea how to fix this and if they do, they aren't sharing.

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Now, obviously a sample size of just one is going to give you some pretty extraordinary results, but what about if you do this over 4000 videos.

Well, that's exactly what Vevo did and this is what happened.

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This means a video's view count may not update for several hours, sometimes allowing ratings and comments on the same video to climb temporarily higher than the views.

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