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Hopefully, someone sees my reply, as I have a couple questions about the save files.I am currently running a private server for 7 Days for myself and a few friends.

I will make sure my friends who join me on this sever do the same thing on thier systems. So how do you make sure your app is on the most recent version now? The difference you'll notice right away is the lack of an Updates tab.Inside the folder that has the server name, it has 2 folders - Player' and 'Region' and several other files like players.xml, power.dat, etc.This is where I got confused on what files I need to back up and what files the other players should be backing up, if any from the local roamoing folder...?

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I installed the server from the Steam Library/Tools section. I have read that updates to both the server tool and the game istself can cause backwards compatibility issues with your saves.

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