Why am i dating a loser first dating tip

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Change the word purpose to LIFE, then it sounds like "I have no life in life" Now answer this, what is life in life? Think about it, if you never stopped then you never failed but because you did thus you failed.

So, I sincerely hope you able to have it checked out and that it is nothing serious."I have no meaning to live anymore"Okay this one should be at the end it more like a closing but because you choose not to put it at the end and it would be a inner choice, hints to me that you actually want to live, in fact you want to live your life and not the next persons or how society wants you to live it.Then use that as a starting point in BUILDING friendships that LAST as friends are not really forever, but in general people have about 5 (and thats a high number) friends who stick together for a long time."My marriage was a joke"No, it was an eye opener:) You were treated like sh*** but hey half the men/women in the world are treated like that. So have a heart, more women are treated like sh*** than men in a marriage.So it just means you are that closer to finding someone who won't treat you like that."I had a son who my mom and another lady raised cuz I wasnt good enough"Hell man, my mom told me in my days "no women would want me" my sister told me "you will amount to nothing", and the outcome I stuck to my values, beliefs, and people don't see as any of the above, in fact the opposite and no I ain't that great looking according to our lovely media or society just because of me. Does not make us that UNTIL we choose to lay down and accept it.A fool to think that by not trusting in a higher being (I believe in God) than you, you are actually saying that you are better than the higher being who has more knowledge in power than any of us.That is what suicide actually represents that are better than something more greater than us and what reward lies for those who think or make their choices that leads to that.

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You might have already and if you can truly say to yourself I tried my hardest. You can say you have lived, therefore you can still live, you just have to lower your standards and find fun things to do.

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  2. People with this personality type live in the present, in a world of physical activities that engage the senses, and they just need to know that they have the freedom to be passionate about something one day and indifferent the next, without being grilled on when they’re going to finish something, or why they’ve “suddenly changed their minds”.