Who is shay buckeey johnson dating rubensdating com

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Who is shay buckeey johnson dating

I feel like Buckeey whores herself out a lot of the time.When I see her I always think about the rumor that she and Andre 3000 were dating and he vehemently denied that saying he would "never" date her.IT REALLY CRACKS ME UP JUST DO YOU WHITE WOMEN, STOP TRYING TO LOOOK LIKE US! Uggs Giving Away Stuff After PETA called them out..

Plus I though as black women what most of us had was sufficient already, not BIG AND BIG ENOUGH?? LASTLY, why does Lil Scrappy look like he has two golf balls stuffed in his jaws??She later got a coach Derek Taylor who she has been training with and lost 40 pounds and with this motivation she started a website on fitness and is working on an app.She is now in Love and Hip Hop Miami where she was dating Pleasure P from the group ‘Pretty Ricky’ known for their songs such as Grind with Me’ released in 2005.And Mama Scrappy, I hate to break it to you but dude IS NOT THE KING OF THE SOUTH( if he were what would that say about it). Buckey is one of those Black women that feel her ass makes her the hottest shit on Earth.Every Mother loves her child, but I would focus on getting him to stop tattooing HIS FACE instead of encouraging delusions of grandeur. I absolutely hate when black women sell themselves short.

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This will no last long and I doubt if either of them thinks it will. Yes Diamond and Lil Scrappy have been broken up for some time. Ladies, if you are going go that route, do your research on that particular doctor.