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She is exercising just the right amount of indifference to keep Ben interested.(If you want to know more about Indifference, it’s all in right here) 4. He made a comment a few episodes back that he always, “picks the girls that don’t love him back.” And hence, history is now going to repeat itself.Ben says that he was intrigued with this woman from the moment she got out of the limo.Unfortunately, he didn't find the connection he was hoping to have with Elyse during this date. She steps onto a boat to float away from Ben forever.Ben and the 11 remaining ladies head to Vieques Island, Puerto Rico where some secret skinny-dipping takes place!Any guesses as to who bares more than just her soul to Ben? That's too bad because the date was supposed to take place outside.I can hear all you women watching right now, screaming ? You may not like it, but I’ll tell you what I believe are the four reasons that Ben will ultimately chose the most hated woman in Bachelor history to be his bride. Although her personality seems far from wonderful, she is a hot chick, and hot goes a long way. Did you hear her tell Ben, “I lost the spark” and “If I didn’t get a one-on-one date, I was not taking you home to meet my family.” Courtney is the only woman on the show that has expressed she has the ability to walk away if she is not getting what she needs or wants.

When a nice normal woman like Kacie B expresses her feelings, he is immediately turned off because he thinks, “Why would you love me this much? Why it feels right is another story…but if he doesn’t work on this problem, he’s never going to be in a happy, balanced relationship.A short time later, Ben has some Latin swagger and Nicki is an exotic beauty.The two tourists take a seat outside a beautiful church where a wedding is taking place. Ben admits that he wants to propose only one more time in his life. Blakeley, Casey S, Courtney, Emily, Jamie, Jennifer, Kacie B, Lindzi, Nicki and Rachel are picked for the group date.The five women on the winning team get to go on a romantic evening beach date with Ben, who must choose one lady to play on both teams.He picks Lindzi, who automatically gets to go on the postgame date. At the end of the day, the Red Team beats the Blue.

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When nighttime rolls around, Nicki opens up more about her thoughts of marriage. They meet up with Ben outside Roberto Clemente Stadium to play in a baseball game.

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