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asked him about his relationship with childhood best friend John Cusack – whom Piven dissed in 2007 – and he replied with a non-answer.

Things got more revealing when Piven is asked if he was still close with the , Piven reportedly had a problem with repeatedly sending "creepy texts" to an ex-girlfriend in 2016.

And it's been especially hard for Piven given his reputation for being a hothead not unlike his foul-mouthed , he's nothing like Ari in real life. But if playing a character like Ari doesn't allow you to get it out of your sys­tem, then there's something wrong with you." writes, "To sum up the haterade: Somewhere along the line, what was a show about four wide-eyed guys with working-class roots and big Hollywood dreams turned into a show about four shallow, self-centered bros who objectify women, spend lavishly and generally don't have a lot going on upstairs." And this was On top of his reputation for being an on-set diva, Piven isn't exactly the best interview subject either.

"There are people who think there's no way after playing that character for so long that you're not that guy," he said. He's often overly dramatic about his theater roots, and he has a tendency to act pretentious about the Italian art form he claims he used to portray Ari Gold.

Like guys, even, in everyday life, they’re like scared to hit on me, scared to talk to me, they wanna look at me in the eyes now with all this respect and I’m like ‘I’m down here, buddy.’ So it’s kind of ruining my life in that way.”She added, “And I get it, if you don’t wanna be harassed on set, that’s not cool. For me for example, if a guy pulls out his wiener, two things are happening: One, I’m going to evaluate it immediately and two is, if I don’t like it, I’m going to use my getaway sticks [legs] as soon as possible.

One follower wrote,“Just saw your video on tmz and I know I’ll be a lifelong fan of yours! Feel the exact same way on the #metoomovement and feel the exact same way about my jammers!!!!!!!!!!!!

[sic]”Another follower wrote, “I just saw a clip of you on TMZ & you are hilarious! But you have a new fan over here & I hope you eventually have a show near here or a tv special. [sic]”If you want to see Mendoza in person, her latest post said she will be performing at the Ha Ha Comedy Club on March 5 in LA’s San Fernando Valley.

Many believe it was because of the allegations, despite the fact that the show’s ratings were consistently low.

If there’s one woman who wouldn’t mind you looking at her hot pics, it’s Liana Mendoza!

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's eight-season run, Jeremy Piven was on top of the world.

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