Who is ashley olsen dating

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From June 2, 2001, to August 15, 2001, she starred in the American teen-family sitcom, ‘So Little Time’.In the year 2003, she starred in the DVD film, ‘The Challenge’, which was directed by Craig Shapiro.Mary-Kate Olsen might want to get to work designing an extra-long, torn, ill-fitting vintage black lace duster and whatever kind of veil will compliment tangly, un-brushed bed head.

As for her feelings for Stavros at the time, MK admitted, “I miss him and I love him and I don’t speak with him anymore. I’ve pretty much been with someone my whole life, so this is a hard time for me.”From young love with Hollywood progeny David Katzenberg and college baller Matt Kaplan to their grown-up romances with Olivier and Bennett Miller, these birthday girls' boyfriend count is rivaling that of their hilarious childhood antics.

Mary-Kate Olsen met the December to her May, 45-year-old Olivier Sarkozy, in 2012, and the pair's PDA has been making people uncomfortable at sporting events ever since.

Olivier, little brother to former French president Nicolas Sarkozy, popped the question in early 2014; For an ever-so-brief three months, Ashley was attached to businessman David Schulte, CEO of luxury eyewear brand Oliver Peoples — although the Olsens' rep refused to comment on the relationship, which This one still breaks our hearts!

Okay, besides a bridal boutique that was recently ravaged by fire damage.

Us Weekly says 33-year-old Ashley has been dating 30-year-old Louis for about two years.

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