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And, in fact, his former career in general management, operations and sales and marketing does seem a step removed from the traditionally female-run world of matchmakers.

But listening to him describe how he came into his line of work, it’s clear that while he insists he hasn’t forgotten about romance, his approach to matchmaking is all business.

I joined Executive Search Dating in Vancouver British Columbia and was charged 00.00 with a promise of receiving 15 quality matches within 12 months.

They told me what a perfect match I was for their clientele etc...

ESD was launched in September 2004, and Rice claims it now has 300-plus members, evenly distributed between men and women.

Dressed in a carefully tailored grey suit, pink shirt and blue tie, the six-foot-plus Rice looks more like a senior management professional than a modern-day yenta.

“I’m a solo entrepreneur, so I have a really small workplace,” she explains.

“Even though you get out and meet people and you have clients, that doesn’t guarantee that you’re going to meet anybody who’s suitable and available.

He tried bars, online dating, telephone chat lines and even signed up with a conventional matchmaking service.“For a lot of parts of our lives, we’re taking actions to try to improve [our] efficiency,” he points out.“What are [personal trainers] other than people who come into your personal time and try to make you more efficient and get to the gym and get results?Three months later she was matched with 56-year-old executive coach Jack (not his real name, either) and they agreed to a date.The two are now in a committed relationship, with all signs pointing to a solid future together.

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Five years ago there were only 920,918, which represents a 10-per-cent jump in four years (the total population growth in B. According to the 2005 Small Business Profile, an annual joint publication by BC Stats, the Ministry of Small Business and Revenue, Small Business BC and Western Economic Diversification Canada, 40 per cent of small businesses in the province consist of self-employed individuals.

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