Validating date in asp net tips for using online dating sites

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Validating date in asp net

To inject this method into j Query validation, I just need to call two methods in j Query: I need to add an adapter via method that would adept data-val-* attribute values and will map them to parameters passed into my function, which in turn is added via add Method call.

Once that is done, I am going to subscribe to blur (lost focus) method of the “other” control and run its validation at that point.

Therefore, Model Client Validation Rule must contain all data necessary for validation to be performed on the client.

The Model Client Validation Rule class has three properties, two of which must always be set: Error Message and Validation Type.

I am going to build my validation by plugging into j Query validation framework.

I am now going to assume the following: As you can see from above, I am going to create a couple of attributes, one to compare number, the other to compare dates.

We want to avoid the round trip if we can and bring in some client side validation.

Otherwise, I am going to assume that I am looking at the larger value of the two.I am going to cover one in details, and the other one is very similar of course.To create a validation attribute, such as Compare Numbers, I am going to extend a base class, Validation Attribute.In this post I wanted to describe a solution to a specific problem I recently encountered. I have a class with a set of dependent properties, such as start and end date or minimum / maximum numbers.I want to implement both client and server side validation in an MVC application using attributes.

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If you look at the logic, you can see that I am doing null check first, then converting current value to decimal.