Validating addresses php

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Validating addresses php

$filtered === 0) The description for FILTER_VALIDATE_URL seems incorrect/misleading."Beware a valid URL may not specify the HTTP protocol" implies a valid URL cannot specify the HTTP protocol.

The behavior is mentioned on the filter_input documentation page under Return Values but that is not overly helpful if one is just looking here.

Of course if you were to use FILTER_VALIDATE_FLOAT it would just return that the input is not valid.

Returns: PHP Version: 5.2.14 //On MY server, may be different depending on which version you have installed.

Local nicknames or * unqualified names MUST NOT be used.

Rejection of so-called partial domains because of "missing" dot is not following section 2.3.5 of RFC 5321.

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It says FQDNs are permitted, and com, org, or va are (well, may be) valids FQDNs. Some TDLs (although few of them) have MX RRs, the for example "[email protected]" is correct.