Updating jeppeson database

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The Navigraph FMS Data is the world's preferred and most comprehensive dataset of its kind.

Chances are any one of these changes may impact your next flight.As Fore Flight CEO Tyson Weihs said this week, “Nobody has better data [than Jeppesen].” Nav Data could enable some interesting features, like the ability to add instrument approaches to an active flight plan, but we’ll have to wait and see.For users of Jeppesen’s Flite Deck Pro app, the most popular EFB option among airline pilots, the changes could be more dramatic.The business side of this deal is also quite interesting for what it reveals about the market and some of the big players in it.While Jeppesen has long had a strong foothold in the commercial aviation segment, they have struggled mightily to stay relevant in general aviation.

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The other company, part of aerospace giant Boeing, is most famous for its paper charts, but has recently made sizable investments in the world of electronic flight bags (EFBs).

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