Updating htc touch diamond rom

Posted by / 01-May-2020 15:31

The global launch of the Touch was in Leicester Square, London, on 5 June 2007 In November 2007, HTC started to sell an "Enhanced" Touch, also known as the HTC P3452 or its codename the HTC Elfin, with double the RAM and ROM of the original version (128 MB and 256 MB respectively).However, the buttons beneath the screen, as well as being pressable buttons, have capacitive touch sensitivity.I.e I tried a generic upgrade to my handset which would not work, but eventually found the South african upgrade from the HTC site which was tied to my serial number on my Handset.

This firmware is very large so it will take several minutes.

You’ll quickly learn that in Taiwan you can only find the Chinese version of this phone.

Importing a European version is expensive, plus you won’t get any contract signup discounts.

Hard SPL will change the SPL firmware to allow any HTC Touch Pro ROM firmware to be installed.

4 ) Make sure your phone battery is more than 50% charged or the SPL and ROM firmware will not install.

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