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Updating bind serial numbers automatically

The most obvious is just to use a counter: increment the serial number by one each time you modify the file.

Another method is to derive the serial number from the date.

Something is always changing on your network -- new workstations arrive, you finally retire or sell the relic, or you move a host to a different network. First we'll discuss how to make the changes manually. Actually, we recommend that you use a tool to create the zone data files -- we were kidding about that wimp stuff, okay?

Each change means that zone data files must be modified. Or at least use a tool to increment the serial number for you.

Because this is so counterintuitive, we think it's best to stick with integer serial numbers.

There are several good ways to manage integer serial numbers.

Since the backup copies were removed, the slave must load a new version of the zone data files -- picking up the new serial numbers. If any of your slave name servers aren't under your control, you'll have to contact their administrators to get them to do the same.

If all your slaves run a version of BIND newer than 4.8.1 (and we pray you're not using 4.8.1) but older than BIND 9, you can take advantage of the special serial number zero.

) Can you force a slave to load the new information right away?

There is a way that works with all versions of BIND, a way that works with Version 4.8.1 and later, and one that works with 4.9 and later.

The way that always works with all versions is to purge your slaves of any knowledge of the old serial number.

After modifying the zone data file becomes second nature, you'll make some "quickie" little change, forget to update the serial number . That's why you should use a tool that updates the serial number for you! Therefore, a number like 1.1 is converted to 10001 internally, and 1.10 is converted to 100010.

This creates certain anomalies; for example, 1.1 is "greater" than 2, and 1.10 is "greater" than 2.1.

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