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Neutron monitor stations over the world show that the variation of secondary neutrons (detected in monitor stations in a modulated manner) follows the solar cycle.

This variability appears to have similar periodicities to that of solar cycle.

Nevertheless, neutron flux variations alone cannot provide an explanation for the temporal changes of cosmogenic isotope concentrations in different archives.

Other factors, related to transport and reservoirs, seem to have an influence on the amplitude and delay of the temporal variation of their concentration caused by the solar cycle Be has been produced in the upper troposphere or the lower stratosphere, it is immediately adsorbed to aerosols, and reaches the surface as dry and/or wet fall-out.

The relationship between the atmospheric concentration of cosmogenic isotopes, the change of solar activity and hence secondary neutron flux has already been proven.

The temporal atmospheric variation of the most studied cosmogenic isotopes shows a significant anti-correlation with solar cycles.


In addition, in the 1960’s due to atmospheric thermonuclear weapon tests, the tritium concentration of precipitation in both hemispheres was increased by 2‒3 orders of magnitude, obscuring natural variations.).