Trina dating basketball player

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There is not a single record of his relationship that lasted longer.In the beginning, he was in a relationship with Trina from 2011 which soon ended in 2012.Since she chose not to speak about these topics, people kept speculating until she addressed them.

His success in career path has paid him well financially.

It is also said that James cheated her with stripper Nelly Wit Da Jelly. According to the records of his past relationships, only time will say when they will last for.

But we as a fan, we wish that they live happily together forever.

But the rumors don’t stop, and people alleged that Moore is not interested in finding a boyfriend because she is gay.

This gained further traction when two of her teammates, Amber Harris and Jessica Adair, came out about their sexuality towards the end of 2012.

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Moore has been winning games and scooping up awards for more than a decade now.