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Keep in mind however, the husband/wife converted each of their LLC’s tax status from a partnership to a corporation without changing the LLC’s legal form in Colorado.

based on percentage of ownership and contributions to the corp, loans etc.I mostly work with S-corp and partnerships - basis calculation for C corp stock is the same?I think I am making this more complicated than needs be?Nevertheless this conundrum allowed me the opportunity to drill down into the ‘check the box’ regulations. .” Basically when husband/wifes’s LLCs in question were granted S elections, they were electing to be associations, which in turn means that they were classified as corporations “for ALL federal tax purposes.” Treatment Under IRC 368 of LLCs That Have Elected Corporation Status The IRS has issued a number of private letter rulings that approve IRC 368 transactions involving LLCs that elected corporation status.Like most things these regulations start with eligibility. is treated as having made an election under this section to be classified as an association . The four PLRs below indicate that the IRS deems LLC ownership interests as “stock” for IRC 368 purposes.

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If I understand correctly - a liquidating dividend is different the a regular dividend in that the dividend is taxed only to the extend the amount exceeds stock basis.