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Steps to successful online dating

If you are at the beginning of your senior dating journey, you probably have several questions. I’d like to tackle the first of these questions – how to write an amazing senior dating profile that get’s you the attention that you deserve. Am I ready to deal with the emotions that will inevitably come as I get back into the dating game?

The best way to write a dating profile that nobody pays attention to is to list what you like to do, or, even worse, what you are NOT looking for in a partner. They paint a picture of a unique person, with passions, experience and an abundant personality.

We found research that said there are as many as 8,000 websites devoted to online dating and others that said the number is closer to 2,500.

Whatever the number, there are more than you know what to do with, and this e Book will help you search for, find and use the right site.

Or, you could even come up with a name for your mystery man or woman and keep them in your mind when you write your profile.

During this phase, it’s also important to give your expectations a reality check.

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According to research from Pew, the number of people who use online dating is increasing every year, especially among people age 18 to 24 and ages 45 to 64.

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