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Your age when you marry is surprisingly revealing of divorce vulnerability, although not in the way experts previously thought.

You could evaluate a long list of compatibility criteria—or you could just consider how old you are.

Many couples hung in there because of children and not because they were happy with their spouses.

Sadly, this is true for couples married many years.

I agree with the overall, general consensus, however, there are far too many variables possible to simply pin it down to an age. A 19 year old in a 'Bible-belt' type county/rural area in the same OECD country would have a completely different experience and subsequently would have a different methodology and approach to marriage.

They would also (obviously) hold different moral and ethical values and face different societal pressure to get married before 20 and remain married even if in an abusive or unhappy or unfulfilling marriage.

we are young n attractive for each other even after more than 8 years..we still have more years to fight n enjoy before last old age years when we both will be tired n counting our last days.

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40, 50, 60 years and found a high rate of them were very unhappy but because of family and assets hung in there.That being said, when marrying younger, you may not have your identity figured out yet, and marry for the "Happily Ever After" myth.And marrying later in life you may be "settling", as waiting around for Mr./Ms.Until now, this dramatic decrease has been seen as the beginning of a downward slope that keeps on decreasing, though at a somewhat slower rate, through our 20s, 30s, and beyond. You’re in a similar (if somewhat less dramatic) boat. After five years of marriage, couples who married as teens have a 38% risk of divorce; those in their early twenties are also highly vulnerable (27%), but then there’s a strong decline for couples who marry between ages of 25 and 29 (14%) and ages 30 to 34 (10%).The idea that getting married older is less predictive of divorce also makes sense: It’s likely that couples are more financially stable, have a clearer sense of self and goals, and have spent enough time dating to know what they really want. Sociological researcher Nicholas Wolfinger has discovered a startling new reality: His recent analysis of data from 2006 to 2010 in the National Survey of Family Growth (NSFG) reveals that getting married .” Get married too early? Once again, though, couples who got married in their mid-30s saw an uptick in their divorce risk: Couples who wed for the first time at 35 or over had a 17% risk of divorce during their first five years of marriage.

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Frankly, I highly suggest people stop getting married at all, and just live together, and if it fails it doesn't cost you your life savings and then some to separate your lives, and strangers who don't care about you or your family don't get to decide what happens in your lives.

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