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Nothing else changed in the experiment, so it was the act of doing the approaching (or being approached) that helped determine a person’s selectivity toward their partner.

"At first blush, this rotational scheme feels like an arbitrary, trivial solution to the logistical problem of ensuring that all of the women speed-date all of the men and vice versa.

As you might expect, our field has started studying speed dating interactions to distill the basic elements of initial interpersonal attraction. (Eastwick, Finkel, Mochon, & Ariely, 2007)– In platonic (non-romantic) interactions, liking others makes a person better liked, regardless of whether that liking seems selective or automatic.

But in romantic interactions, it’s essential that one give off an air of selectivity.

To my never-ending delight, being a social psychologist can sometimes make me feel like I have an insider’s guide to social life.

When I discovered that two dear friends of mine were about to try speed dating for the first time, I couldn’t help offering some (yes, unsolicited) terribly handy research-based advice: “Be selective!

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If two people indicate mutual interest (i.e., match), each is provided with his or her match’s contact info.