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Blacks were moved away from Johannesburg, to an area separated from White suburbs by a so-called cordon sanitaire (or sanitary corridor) this was usually a river, a railway track, an industrial area or a highway etc., they did this by using the infamous 'Urban Areas Act' in 1923.William Carr, chair of non-European affairs, initiated the naming of Soweto in 1959.By the end of 1943 the Sofasonke Party advised its members to put up their own squatters' shacks on municipal property. After feverish consultations with the relevant government department, it was agreed that an emergency camp, which could house 991 families, be erected. The next wave of land invasions took place in September 1946. Early the next year the City Council proclaimed a new emergency camp. The camps were meant to be used for a maximum of five years, but when they were eventually demolished in 1955, Moroka and Jabavu housed 89,000 people.In 1941 the British Government built a military hospital next to the road between Johannesburg and Potchefstroom.

The City Council settled for the acronym SOWETO (South West Townships).He called for a competition to give a collective name to townships dotted around the South-west of Johannesburg.People responded to this competition with great enthusiasm.The exact place was to be at the 8th milestone near the old Wayside Inn, owned by a Cornishman called John Albert Baragwanath.It was called The Imperial Military Hospital, Baragwanath.

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Pursuant to this Act the Johannesburg town council formed a Municipal Native Affairs Department in 1927.