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He recently compared his dating style to that of Han Tae Sang, the devoted but romantically challenged character he played in the drama "When A Man Loves." "In all of my past relationships, I always liked the girl first," said Song.Two women enter Dong-chul's life: the smart and sensible Min Hye-rin (Lee Da-hae), and Gook Young-ran (Lee Yeon-hee), the willful daughter of his gang boss (Yoo Dong-geun).She said, "Song Seung-heon from 'East of Eden' is very handsome and he lived up the atmosphere of the set but he is slightly timid and that's his demerit".However, she embarrassed Song Seung-heon by saying Hyun Bin, Changmin and Gang Dong-won didn't have demerits.- Do not post sexist, racist, homophobic or other hateful and discriminatory content. Repeated rule breaking will result in warnings followed by blacklisting upon non-compliance.

Song Seunghoon is my most favorite k-drama ahjussi ♥ knew him from My Princess kdrama, then begin to watch his other dramas like Dr. I love all the movies he has acted in but my absolute favourite is Saimdang, but to be honest Black is the one that drew me to him. Also, saving people's lives despite the fact you are a grim reaper. It will make you thrilled, suspense, angry, laugh and cry as well! But after watching Black, I automatically become a fan here! I laughed when he played dumb as a detective, I shouted when he got into action scene and I felt his sadness when he cried in one scene. I will definitely include him in my list of Korean fav actor! His expressions and emotions shown throughout the drama are superb... You have to very work hard with all the pressure from the film director as well as the expectancy from your fans and not forgetting the public image. Do not let the pressure and expectancy of others weight you down. Have enough rest, proper and meals and have time for yourself. I watched many series via DVD with English subtitles while I am holidaying in the Asian Countries and am most impressed by your performance. I invite you to come my hometown.i hope you can visit to my country.Yoo Dong Geun said during the show, "I couldn't help but tried to matchmake the both of them (Song Seung Hun, Lee Yeon Hee) because they looked really compatible with each other." He also revealed that he had tried to sound out Yeon Hee about Song Seung Hun during a conversation, "Don't you find Seung Hun to be very handsome?Until a revelation shakes Dong-chul to his core: that his real brother was raised by Shin Tae-hwan and that the beloved brother that had been beside him all these years is actually the son of his enemy.Been a fan of you since Autumn in my Heart days, and I really ship you with Hye Kyo. I have crush on u since 2000 while watching autumn in my heart. ❤️❤️ As an avid fan of all great actors, I liken you in the same category as Sean Conner, Paul Newman, Gregory Peck, Christian Bale, Javier Bardem... Hello Song SH, I first saw you in endless love with song hye kyo when it was aired in our country was the first time I came to adore and loved and become interested in eveything about Korean and most of all about YOU. You really are a good actor.i can see your role in the inspired me a more I watch your movies and shows the more I see how cool and dedicated you are to being an actor that which make you an idol to many. I sugest you to visit Transilvania from Romainia ,you have a lot of fans here. I chance upon your show currently showing on our TV channel and immediately was curious who is this handsome, suave and amazing actor. I was very attached to the character of song seung heon and it was the very first time that i watch him and im very much inlove with him. pick Lee Yeon Hee to be your wife I will give you many thumbs :-) Ok Song Seung Heon. And don't forget thanking to god Happy Birthday Seung-Heon Oppa! i wonder what it's like to meet him in this life or at the next life. you are so fine and you have the best smile, with that pink kissable and your leading lady look so good together maybe in the future you and her will do another soap pretty soon. SSH is sooo fine, and honestly one of the best actors in Korea, he has expression and engages the audience.You two were my Song-Song couple and it's so sad that you two didn't date in real. 17 years later im still excited whenever i saw you in tv. not only exceptionally talented, but have staying power...make me believe..every character you play. I'd really love to know more about you but you are there and I am here. Didn't realised you are so famous, my daughter love you since 10 yrs ago and the colleagues in the office was like obsessed with you. Now I myself waiting to catch up with all your shows. You will still have many fans in many golden years to come. It turned out to be one of our Oscar nominee, also going to the Cannes. The actors had very little to work with in terms of script development. Im gonna watch his other movies in the past, but i like his style especially his hair in obsessed his so handsome and very good actor.. I wish you success after success in every movies and drama you undertake. he inspires me in so many ways..i think one of the reasons why i feel blessed is because of seung heon..i hope in God's will,our paths cross,and then...i'll don't know what to say..c:be well always seung heon.happy. Love, just make my heart melt me and my father had just finished watching your TV DRAMA the MY PRINCESS.... Ur facial expression is adorable, I just want to grab u from my screen ha ha ha !!! My Korean daughter-in-law has gotten me hooked on Korean dramas. A lot of actors now a day's are expressionless and bland but he is far from that!

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Meanwhile, Lee Yeon-hee sang Lee Eun-mi-I's "We Are Saying Goodbye" at the near end of her stage and showed off amazing vocals. - Post only in English, as this is an English language community.

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