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Shane west dating parminder

Tired of his endless fight, the man decides to let himself bleed out rather than be treated and have to face more problems down the line; he ultimately bleeds out, using suction to keep from drowning in his own blood at the same time.Carter suffers with insomnia and depression over his separation from Kem and crosses some lines while treating an injured Iraq War veteran.Pratt is angry about the effort and expense of treating Charlie until Kovač makes him confront his feelings about his own absent father.Ultimately, Charlie opts to cease treatment and await his death.The entire episode consists of this one plot line and takes place in real time.Kovač and Sam treat a critically injured woman who was brutally beaten and raped by a serial predator.

Charlie tries to make amends with his son, whom he has not seen since being released from prison, with Sam's help.

Abby and Dubenko help a young girl whose mother does not want her to have critical surgery at County, but her condition worsens before her transfer can go through.

Carter and Wendall have their first date, for a casual dinner.

Three new interns, including Abby and Ray Barnett, arrive at County.

Carter and Kem say goodbye to their son and Kem leaves Chicago.

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