Sexfight chat

Posted by / 07-Nov-2019 17:04

Men have cocks, so that is why I use term cockfight.

For cat fight, women have pussies or kitties, so I use the cat fight term for their nudefights.

The winner of a sexfight usually uses the loser's body as a fucktoy until the winner is finally finished. Nothing like getting naked and taking on another naked man to see who would get their cock milked first. It's good to all happen according to the flow at the time. I got into this as I missed out on fun during puberty due to a puritanical upbringing.Sexfight though for me is more of a gay/bi thing because the whole thing is sex not fight, so not my thing because I prefer sex with women :) I would have thought it was just a gay or bi thing.I know a few straight guys on here that would not entertain it.In a sexfight, the rivals attempt to outkiss each other, grind their hard cocks together in attempt to force the other cock to ejaculate, finger each others asses as they kiss, grind, and 69 to prove who's better at sucking dick, and preform various other sexual battles, such as finger fucking your rival's prostate (depending on fetish and preference).In some matches the rivals will insert into each other's ass a double ended dildo so as to outfuck the other.

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No matter what sexual acts are engaged in with their rival, in the end, the loser is the the man who lost too many types of sexual acts, the man who can no longer cum after hours and hours of sexual contest, or simply the man that came first!