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Sexchat stranger

Lip Service is hiring now (they have an ad posted on I worked for them like 6 years ago before my own biz took off.

I don't know if the set up has changed, but they had you commit to 4 hour shifts.

I earn around - a day with the tutoring and - a day with the chatting.But there are plenty of places you can write reviews and earn good money, some pay for a review. Even non mainstream ones make decent money, but that’d probably be to much effort considering you’d have to make a site, pay for it, then get it to be sponsored by ads lol. I’m not sure the amount of people actually looking for that, but it does seem to be semi popular.Not sure if you’d be comfortable with that, but just a suggestion.That's way too low for me, but I can grin and bear it easier than the penny per word.There’s lots of counseling jobs, but I’m not sure of the requirements of that, I also doubt you’d be interested either. Lots of blogs can rack up a few grand a month from simple post that appeal to some interest. You can even make money from Reddit, there’s some subs that have fake girlfriends/ just people to text and they charge money.

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