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I called her and her fiancé who also happens to be a supervisor at the same facility only to get a whole denial from her!I then pulled out the messages and BOOM, him and her were both busted! A real woman would have been owned up to her dirt but not this little b1tch!

Then turned it all around on the son in law as being the bad guy. This married attention seeker trash is having an affair with a married co-worker.Therefore, looking for a “father figure” she set her eyes on MY 48 year old sexy husband.She would make small talk with him at first and because she was the only Spanish speaking person in the plant at night, they spent a lot of time together using her as the translator for other non English speaking employees. Eventually he cracked they door and once he did, she went all the way in!None the less, I terminated her a55 because I am the HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGER there and I can do that!!! I can promise you that she fuked with the wrong b1tch’s husband when she looked st mine twice! They even found places in the plant to get all twisted up and have their hands and lips all over each other.Mainly behind the machines on her job in the department she worked in.

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One of them was single and the other one was married just like MY husband!

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