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And I’m like, who is the poor bastard who has to deal with all this shit?And I found out it was something called the ombudsman’s office., which starts streaming today on Netflix, is Cummings’ first special since both the election of Donald Trump and the start of the modern #Me Too movement.It finds the comic grappling with issues of gender in deliberately more thoughtful ways than perhaps she did earlier in her career through the pair of sitcoms she created, During our lively conversation, Cummings opened up about exactly how her comedy has evolved over the past decade, what it was like to suddenly have two sitcoms on the air after years of struggling to break through, working on the on Apple Podcasts, the Himalaya app or wherever you listen to podcasts.“I ended up cutting it down to about 25 minutes, but I had about 45 minutes of material on sex robots. Last special I talked about egg freezing, stuff that’s on the horizon and why isn’t anybody talking about it?“If vibrators can be such a huge commercial success, then malebots with vibrating penises would also seem likely to have great commercial potential.”The big question, as posed by FRR, is “what additional impact on societal perception” will this create “within an already burgeoning adult industry that thrives on such objectification and commodification?

“Everyone projects their own shit onto it.” Can I Touch It?

So I actually waited until my special to really weigh in on it.

Because when I would weigh in on it on social media it was just too much. I posted something about Time’s Up and I lost like 5,000 followers. ’ So I think for me I was like, this is a topic that is so complicated.

For all of their efforts to purport that Sophia is an “intelligent being,” the media seems to have made a great head start on objectifying her.

Though this isn’t surprising at all, considering that she a man-made object, and the majority of humanoid robots available exist to fulfill roles as sex buddies.

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When Whitney Cummings was putting together the material for her latest stand-up special, she started to worry that there was nothing she could say in 2019 that would still be capable of shocking viewers.