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Every first kiss until I kissed my wife for the first time, seconds after asking her to be my wife.

Before Faye, I had let what I wanted outweigh what I knew God wanted, and what I knew was best for the girl I was dating.

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But like so many of God’s good gifts, because of our sin, intimacy can be dangerous.

The human heart is wired to want intimacy, but it is also wired to corrupt intimacy — to demand intimacy in the wrong ways or at the wrong time, and to expect the wrong things from intimacy.

The two together, without covenant promises, can be a formula for disaster in dating.

(Photo: Business Wire) )--The world’s premier online dating site for thousands of adults seeking intimacy without intercourse has been rebranded to include millions of adults identifying as sexually challenged (Sex-C), founder Laura Brashier announces today.

“I plan to make consensual sex without intercourse a commonplace concept and something that’s not taboo,” Laura says.

“I want to help improve a lot of lives.” About Romance Romance is the world’s premier online meeting place for Sex-C men, women, and other adult subscribers who seek romantic relationships, loving companionship, and physical connection without intercourse.

“I became discouraged about dating because I felt that most men wouldn’t sign up for a long-term relationship that involved intimacy without sexual intercourse.” The site’s reinvention to search-optimized domain Romance aligns with Laura’s personal growth process, during which she began receiving messages from people worldwide in correlation with a general increase in the prevalence of chronic illnesses like diabetes and cancer.

Millions of people globally are incapable of sexual intercourse because of health-related issues ranging from congenital anomalies to psychological traumas. has coined the term Sex-C – an abbreviation for “sexually challenged” and play on the word “sexy” – to describe the millions of men and women who cannot have intercourse but are nonetheless desirous of physical intimacy, including alternative forms of sexual expression.

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  1. The Escalation Ladder helped me a lot when I was first getting started and had no idea what to do, but after I did it a few times and got comfortable with it, I realized it was way too complicated (as are a lot of seduction techniques), way too much to remember, and overkill in terms of what was needed to create attraction with a woman right across from you.