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Rhus dating

Protective effect of Rhus Tox against CCI-induced sciatic nerve injury in histopathology study was exhibited through maintenance of normal nerve architecture and inhibition of inflammatory changes.

Chronic treatment with Rhus Tox ultra dilutions for 14 days ameliorated neuropathic pain revealed as inhibition of cold, warm and mechanical allodynia along with improved motor nerve conduction velocity (MNCV) in constricted nerve.

Stimulation of cells with LPS has resulted into decreased levels of SOD and catalase activity in primary glioblastoma U-87 cells.

But after addition of RT (1 × 10To check the effect of RT on pro-inflammatory cytokines, the level of TNF-α, IL-1β, IL-6 and IL-10 were measured in LPS pre-treated U-87 cells. 3C) as compared with the sham operated group, evaluated through cold water test, warm water test and Von Frey hair test, respectively.

p The CCI induced characteristic histological changes in sciatic nerve.

Alterations like nerve fibre swelling, inflammatory cell infilteration, fibre derangement and activation of neuroglial cell like satellite cells and Schwann cells suggest the damage of the sciatic nerve.

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