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Cities, manufacturing, trade of goods and services? But even if you do, just because it was pre-Hellenic, that by no means indicates that it was pre-anybody else.

A large, rich and powerful civilization cannot have existed at that time without leaving a trace. I mean records among the other civilizations that were around at that time, in the same part of the world. A couple of those links may claim that the script has been (at least partially) deciphered, but these "translations" haven't been generally accepted as accurate.

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AND has the carbon been contaminated with younger carbon?

Now, you may be jumping up and down right now saying ‘thermoluminescence dating techniques are Several technical difficulties apply to luminescence methods.

And last time I checked, nobody had translated the glyphs (Rongorongo script) at Easter Island. Archaeological artefacts found during Minoan suggest quite an advanced technology. cheers the problem with radiocarbon dating is that as the sample gets older there is progressively less c 14 to be measured and any contamination will have increasingly dramatic effects on the estimated date.

The estimated date will be doubtful as the question exists – How much c14 remains to be measured in very old samples?

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