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Random adult ichat

You can watch reactions including a girl who refuses to believe it is not really Justin Bieber even after the prankster reveals himself.Watch the hilarious reaction from girls who can’t believe they are meeting Justin Bieber.We have assembled some of the best prank videos online so you can enjoy them all in one place.

Jack the Killer is a truly terrifying character and leads to loud screams, jumps, and even falling down from his victims.From scare videos to prank videos and everything in between, you won’t be able to stop watching this hilarious collection on Chatki.Prank videos are recordings of people playing tricks on unsuspecting victims and the most popular ones on You Tube right now are Omegle videos.You will love this collection of funny videos and the reactions of people as they realize they are being pranked!Watch as Omegle users can’t believe their luck as they match with a beautiful young girl who seems completely normal.

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This video may not help you understand girls any better, but it will make you laugh!

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