Rafter carbon dating

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Also aquatic plants which are incapable of assimilating carbonates, and rely on CO variability of the freshwater reservoir effect, and rivers have been underrepresented in studies of the FRE, with most studies focusing on lakes.This study was designed to address some of these topics: the FRE in rivers; the short-term variability of the FRE; and the impact of the FRE on radiocarbon dating in estuarine environments.The freshwater reservoir effect can result in anomalously old radiocarbon ages of samples from lakes and rivers.This includes the bones of people whose subsistence was based on freshwater fish, and pottery in which fish was cooked.Mesolithic pottery, maybe the earliest in that region, was found at the sites Kayhude at the Alster and Schlamersdorf at the Trave. Today, after the construction of a dam, Kilen is a brackish embayment.

The author hopes that this paper can serve as a useful introduction to the FRE for researchers who are not familiar with this topic. Blank map of Europe by commons.wikimedia user Júlio Reis. Both rivers run through a morainal landscape from the last two glaciations.Here, freshwater influence causes reservoir ages to vary between 250 and 700 C years during the period 5400 BC - AD 700.The examples in this study show clearly that the freshwater reservoir effect can seriously corrupt radiocarbon dating at inland sites.The moraines have calcium carbonate contents of up to 20% ([] for details on the study area).In the same region, the impact of the freshwater reservoir effect on radiocarbon dating of pottery was studied.

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