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Rachel blanchard dating

Another woman who doesn't get enough recognition is Barbara Jordan.

Her poise, eloquence, and commitment to promoting equality and understanding are traits also shared by Cecile Richards.

The thought that anyone would want to not let women get breast cancer screening is incredible -- but Sadie really just took it on herself, she didn't have a lot of support…Blanchard: Yeah, she didn't ask for permission…Richards: Right. What keeps me excited and inspires me is to see a whole new generation of young people who aren't waiting to be asked, they're just doing it.

Blanchard: And I feel like social media has also entitled a lot of people to that right. And telling stories that no one ever would have told in my generation. Richards: What do you think about young men your age?

I find that I'll be talking to a room of grown men and somebody will say something that I don't agree with, but I almost shut down my opinion really quickly because I think "Oh, he's a man, I just have to be really careful with that." And I feel like there's this male anger complex that women are almost submissive to, in order to allow that person more room.

Richards: That's kind of how I felt when I had to go testify against Congress this fall.

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It was kind of a classic situation where I felt like there were a lot of angry men.

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