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but out of the 13 entries (excluding the MMO), is the only one that feels organic.

Star-crossed lovers Tidus and Yuna’s relationship stands at the center of a much larger tale. We get to see Yuna, a grand summoner, and Tidus, her guardian, meet and fall in love, rather than simply declare their romantic feelings for each other.

Over the course of the series, Shepard’s romantic options expanded and became more integral to the Mass Effect experience.

While the original gave male Shepard nine and female Shepard seven (unfair, we know).

According to Joystiq, Kaidou is a mind-reading member of the president's cabinet and there will be a dating sim element as he chooses which colleagues to go out with.It’s subtle but it paints a surprisingly vivid picture of what it’s like to fall in love for the first time.accurately remarks on the perfection we feel when we first find that truly special someone.Liberation Maiden: SIN won't be developed by Grasshopper, though. Games, creator of such digital novels as Steins; Gate and Robotics; Notes will be creating it, while Grasshopper mastermind Suda 51 is on board as a scenario writer.The original Liberation Maiden was something of a middling curio.

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The bonds you choose to pursue evolve organically, using branching conversation options and relationship building missions throughout each game.

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