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Please, don't compare my work with work of known artists.

My only goal is to do 3D models that are more realistic than a red or black square ;-).

Many times we need to simulate different circuits before we actually develop it, This tutorial shows how to add library in Proteus 7 and Proteus 8.

Step 1: Download Proteus library zip file example ARDUINO Proteus library Step 2: Unzip library folder.

OK, i didn't found on the first step how to do the model the better it could be, and my first version conducted to very slow refresh in the 3D view.

But after correction of my errors by RWIE author itself, all is really fine !

I discovered a software dedicated to icons creation, called Real World Icon Editor (RWIE), that can be accessed on rw-designer web site. My poor potentiometer 3D model made with Blender took me some days...

In the 3D Visualization window that come, write the following text.Please, go to the RWIE forum for more informations.I wrote a tutorial to explain step by step, how to construct a seven segment display with RWIE.Proteus librairies - Last update : In "Proteus Lib" zip archive, are included following files : - Isis libraries, file format "rm_sch_*.lib". - 3D models, file format *.3ds, made from *.u3d files in Real World Icon Editor - Source files, format *.u3d and used in Real World Icon Editor - Demo files 3D_Samples. You alo can improve them and resend them me to allow everybody to benefit of the evolution ;-). Belgitaes) - 14/06/2007 Others 3D models can be obtained on official Labcenter / Proteus forum, in a section that can be accessed only to registered users. Before starting : remember that Proteus is sold under 3 levels, Level 1 (starting level) to Level 3 (top level).Others 3D models from others contributors, that allowed me to let them downloadable on my little web site. If you have yourself others 3D models to offer to the Proteus community, don't hesitate to contact me ;-) Last update : Panasonic Condensateurs / Capacitors (Anatoli Panchenko) - 10/08/2008Selfs / Coils 001 (Anatoli Panchenko) - 29/09/2013 Divers / Misc 001 (Jean-Claude P.) - 13/04/2008 Smart-Card reader (M. The 3D visualisation of the PCB is only possible in the Levels 2 and 3. 3DS files have to be placed in the "Library" directory of Proteus, for exemple : By default, Ares use its internal 3D engine to do basic objects, or sometime use external VML files.

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Version V2006.2 of RWIE don't allow natively 3DS export, but you can add this 3DS export function by following procedure described on the page RWIE - Adding 3DS export function.