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These workarounds will make it work for your audience, visually.However, it has an impact on slide numbers you might need to adjust accordingly and/or duplicate content changes.Visit Stack Exchange Power Point entrance animation set up with "Start: With Previous" starts right when a new slide is advanced.However, if you set up an exit animation in the same way, it doesn't start with a slide ending sequence.

Explore the code a bit though since John has put in some helpful comments so that you can edit some values as required.

Instead, the "Start: On Click" trigger needs to be used and after your exit animation is over you still need one extra click just to advance to the next slide.

Workarounds to this are obvious: create a duplicate slide, make your ending animations from the original slide being your starting animations on the duplicate slide and let them be followed with whatever you want or create a transition slide with those ending animations only and set up "Change Advance slide - [the time it takes your animations to finish]".

Creating a big transparent rectangular shape over the whole slide and binding the macro on it doesn't help either.

By clicking it you only get the macro running, exit animation is not triggered.

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I wrote a VBA script that should start together with an exit animation and will auto advance a slide after 0.3s when the exit animation is over.

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