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Polish dating norms

Suspension of an Account does not cause suspension of the procedural time-limit of additional services paid.User can unsuspended an Account at any time, however it must take place in the period no longer than within 6 months from the moment of suspension of this Account.The withdrawal may be approved only if during the last paid Premium period of time (1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year) Account Holder didn't use any of the paid Service features.The refund will not take place in the event of violation of the Terms of Use by a Premium Account Holder.The range of minimum amount of Profile data is indicated on Account site in My Profile through marking with the symbol *; d) User has more than one Account � in such case all Accounts of the User can be removed; e) User will not accept changes introduced by the Administrator in the Terms of Use; f) User within 3 months from blocking Account or another particular services of the Service by the Administrator, will not make activities necessary for removal reasons being the cause of blocking or because of concrete opportunities does not give warranty of the behaviours consistent with the Terms of Use; g) User will not unsuspend the Account suspended in the period longer than within 6 months from the date of its suspension; h) User performs activities that destabilize functioning of the Service. Premium Account can be monthly, three-monthly, six-monthly or yearly, as selected by the User. Refund Policy Your satisfaction is important to us, and we strive to make your dating experience as efficient and effective as possible.

In order to register at any time later he/she will have to fill in the registration form again. One User is allowed to have only one Account in the Service. Through the registration procedure completion in Service, resulting in setting up an account, User ensures and states: a) he/she has familiarized with and accepts the Terms of Use; b) personal data, image on photos and other information constituting elements of the Profile, have been transferred to the Service in a voluntary way and agrees on publication the Profile by the Administrator, what means that the access to this data will be or may be free for unlimited circle of Internet users.

In particular, the use of the Service may be interrupted at any time for the purposes of maintenance, updates or technical improvements, or to develop its content and/or presentation. Participation in the Service is voluntary and free of charge. Any additional payable services are provided exclusively when the User expressly requests such services and when he has paid a given charge for such services. Profiles of Users are protected by law and Service Administrator administers personal data of Users.

Each User is authorized to see his personal data processed by entities described hereinabove, is entitled to correct them as well as to demand to stop processing such data by means of deleting his/her Account. By means of the Service, its Users may present a series of data, information and other contents concerning themselves and from themselves including their personal images on the photographs sent to Service - constituting the notion of the Profile of the User, as well as using more services available within the Service allowing for meet new friends between the Users. Searching the Service database as well as its individual services may be available for each Internet user, and the Administrator may restrict the extent of this access for persons who are not Users at any time and to any extent without giving reasons thereof. The administrator does not accept any liability for services provided by means of the Service by third parties, providing services for Users on their own behalf and on their own account, by virtue of and according to the agreements reached with the Administrator or his general partners.

This service allows the User to use a series of additional functionalities of the Service as well as other preferences given ad hoc or for a given period of time; Help - in this section of the Service Users can at any time find out how to perform certain actions in order to reach desired effects. Main purpose of the Service is to provide (by means of the Internet) a system of presenting and exchanging personal information concerning the Users, that is run and supported by the Administrator, in order to create a possibility for establishing friendship between the Users.

In the future Service may offer other services connected with the nature of Service, such services may be rendered either free of charge or for a given charge. To use the Service, the User must have the necessary hardware equipment and software and the necessary parameters required to properly use Polish Gir4U: Navigator Internet Explorer 6 or equivalent, Javascript functions enabled, cookies enabled, and pop-ups enabled.

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internal post), together with providing in the Service adequate information available to all Users.

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