Play count on ipod not updating

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Play count on ipod not updating

i Tunes registers the Play Count of a song each time it is played on your computer.For example, play the same song 3 times and the song's Play Count will increase by 3.I stopped using smart playlists because, the way I had them set up, they'd often remove a podcast I was only part of the way through listening too.If anyone has tried this method and gotten better results, let me know in the comments!Should your i Tunes library contain more than one embarrassing song that requires a Play Count reset, press the Command (Mac) or Control (Windows) key as you click on additional songs. To select all the songs in your i Tunes library, choose Select All from the Edit menu.In a Method Shop tutorial about the i Tunes Registry, we describe how to submit an i Tunes Library file to get analyzed and compared to other users.

Songs featured on studio albums and compilations introduce another discrepancy, with one version having many more plays than another.

Play counts work totally fine if I listen on i Tunes itself, it's just not doing it from my i Pod.

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The play counter in i Tunes is one of its most overlooked features, and it is quite easy to see why given that it appears relatively unimportant.

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Whether tracks have been played since the last sync is part of the information that gets updated when you sync.

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