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This is Albert Edgard’s first ever game and it’s all about finding the perfect anime cat girl for you.

The initial idea behind the project was to make a puzzle game.

The release plan is to publish the game in autumn of 2019, although they plan to deliver many of the bonuses as soon as possible.

The team consists of 2 people – Albert Ergart and his beloved wife. Trough games people communicate, make friends and even find love. Both of them dreamed of making a game on their own but couldn’t.

While drawing these lines, you must watch out for cat bosses that will make you lose a life when they run into your line.

All the people there seem pretty friendly and very attractive, so why do I get the feeling there’s something weird here? Everyone is under the most adorable curse that turns them into hugable, lovable kitties! It lets you pick your gender pronoun and change it at any point in the game, making it easy to play any kind of relationship you want.You’ll be matching up kooky characters and sending them out on dates to see if they can impress their partners.Match couples based on their likes and dislikes and try to remember their tastes as the game uses a quiz system to earn points and hopefully result in some happy relationships. What kind of strage things do you wish someone would make a dating sim about? For franchise characters, they are listed by their originating media, with ones in manga and anime listed separately from television and film. When designing a role-playing video game, there’s a tricky balance designers have to maintain.

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Many of today’s gamers aren’t interested in scouring the world map and non-essential dungeons to recruit new party members, but giving the player too few characters to play with makes the game feel dull and lacking in scale.

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