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Perfect partner dating

They say love keeps the heart young, and there's probably no better way to experience it than to give love a second chance.

If you're in your sixties, or beyond, chances are that life's been extremely generous to you - you've probably had a successful marriage, a partner whom you've loved and cherished until the very end and a happy house at every Christmas, bustling with the sound of the laughter of all your loved ones.

A comfortably matched couple is a couple who are happy just to be together with nothing to do.

They can have a great conversation with no music, TV, or Wi Fi to disturb the wonderful feeling that they get by being in each other’s presence.

Your partner is a perfect match when you feel comfortable that they do not hide important things from you and they are able to communicate love in whatever way you need it.

Dating after your fifties may be uncommon, but is certainly not unheard of.

You and your partner need to be able to support, entertain, and bring joy to each other’s lives so that you can enjoy your relationship many years from now.

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Ideally, your perfect match would bring a positive mood to your life anytime you are around them.

Relaxing in a park or going for a walk are fun activities when your partner is a perfect match.

They know how to stimulate your mind, your emotions, and they connect to you spiritually as well as physically.

Or maybe you hate to clean but your partner enjoys it.

An odd couple can be a perfect match when they help support each other’s weaknesses and they also bring plenty of strengths to the relationship.

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Or maybe, life's thrown you a few oddballs that resulted in a marriage that didn't last long, or the pain of not really having your children around, now that they have their own family.