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The best part of this novel is perhaps the characterization of Dracula.

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In one area in particular, Romania, formerly known as Transylvania, a certain Professor Van Helsing works closely with the locals to resist the spread of the Nazis.

He eventually realizes that far more drastic measures are required if Hitler is to be stopped and so decides to do the unthinkable: resurrect Dracula, who was not destroyed as suggested in the original novel.

I had been wondering for awhile why she is never on camera anymore.

I thought she was just bust writing/producing/being a boss. I wonder who the father is or if he is still around.

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It'd be awesome to know Calliope Maeve full parentage, just in case she becomes our new leader in future.

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  1. OK, I feel a little ridiculous, but I figure maybe not so ridiculous not to ask the internet for advice. TLDR; is 3rd date too early to read poetry to someone you're excited about? For the love of god do not read her poetry, it is way way too much too soon.