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Novell roaming prifile not updating

Microsoft also stores shortcut files in the Recent profile folder, linking to recently opened files and folders.

File servers tend to only transfer large files several megabytes in size at the fastest possible network speed.

When a roaming user is created, the user's profile information is instead stored on a centralized file server accessible from any network-joined desktop computer.

The login prompt on the local computer checks to see if the user exists in the domain rather than on the local computer; no pre-existing account is required on the local computer.

If the domain login is successful, the roaming profile is copied from the central file server to the desktop computer, and a local account is created for the user.

When the user logs off from the desktop computer, the user's roaming profile is merged from the local computer back to the central file server, not including the temporary local profile items.

The stored updates shown are unnecessary after installation, yet they are not deleted.

However, the hung program may remain on the local computer still holding the local cached copy of the User registry in a busy state, until the computer is rebooted.

The most recent version of a file in a roaming profile without redirection is stored only on the local computer, and stays there until the user logs off, whereupon it transfers to the server.

When the user returns to the first desktop computer and logs in, the roaming profile is merged with the previous profile information, replacing it.

If profile caching is enabled, the server is capable of merging only the newest files to the local computer, reusing the existing local files that have not changed since the last login, and thereby speeding up the login process.

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If nightly server backups are done, and a roaming user does not log off for days at a time, their roaming account documents are not being included in the nightly backup.

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