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No profile picture online dating

Aside from the fact that you can look at profiles over and over again without having your face branded as a stalker, you also have an inordinate amount of confidence in messaging random people with random quips. (smiley emoji)(smiley emoji) # Hi, pretty and smart individual! All throughout these exchanges, I kept wondering why they insisted on messaging a profile without a face and a sketchy tag line. It was a refreshing experience, but I still wanted to know why these things happened. Without knowing anything about me, these men were very determined to flirt their way into my personal life.

When I returned a few weeks later, I was surprised to find dozens of messages from the guys I looked at, and some who I never even clicked on. Most of them gave the same answer: I was intrigued by your bio.

That meant finding everyone I knew and dated and blocking them for fear of getting a text message saying, “So, I saw you on [insert name of app or site]. ” Apart from that, I couldn’t divulge any information about myself, unless it was within the confines of a personal message. My take on the matter Those are just a few of the messages I received.

I was Googlable, so I didn’t want to give my last name out as well. The rest were a variety of the same phrases, while some were pretty much dead starters.

When they realized that I had something useful to say, they became that much more interested. I was also seriously considering sending them a meme instead of my picture, just to satisfy their curiosity. The answer was not surprising, but it was very concise: Men are attracted to the mystery. So, I guess the answer was not anything that most people wouldn’t already know.

One of the answers that really interested me was from one guy who didn’t flirt with me. The more they uncover, the better it is for their egos. It was right under my nose, but the hordes of love-struck men blinded me to the fact that the human psyche is predictable, at best, and annoyingly accurate, at its worst.

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