Maps not updating on pcm2

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You need to be very careful when updating these units yourself and be sure you fully understand the software level you are at currently (for all the devices on the system ) and which update procedure and discs to use.If you get it wrong or try to abort the procedure part way through , you are looking at a new PCM !!! My advice is first check the software status using the MAIN and TRIP buttons and then seek advice before going any further.I've quite a collection of PCM update discs and yet to find one that allows the Level A units to be updated beyond Level B The navigation DVD drive has its own software separate to the PCM , when you update the Navigation drive (or load a new map DVD) you don't update the PCM software , the disc is inserted in the navigation drive rather than the PCM slot.

This is a cost option coded by the dealer using a security code in the PWIS workshop tool.

As I understand it, the maps on PCM3 are updated using the PIWIS tester, and a code is required for them to be transferred to the hard drive.

The code is obtained from Porsche when you pay for the new maps.

Press MAIN TRIP together Scroll down to PCM and select Make a note of PCM Actual Version Go back & scroll down & select Amplifier Make a note of Amplifier Actual Version.

If your car does not have an amplifier, the option will not be there.

maps not updating on pcm2-65maps not updating on pcm2-80maps not updating on pcm2-57

Poor old Porsche get quite a battering about the PCM , but to be fair , most of it is their own fault.

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