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Liquidating united states savings bonds

US treasury checks are guranteed to be paid so there is less risk in cashing them.However, banks can require you to have an account there in… If you don't have an account with them can plus they can charge you a fee if they do.If you buy a Series I bond with a fixed rate of 0.1%, you will earn the fixed rate of 0.1% plus the inflation rate as calculated during 6-month intervals over the 30 year life of the bond.The fixed rate won't vary, but inflation rates will, resulting in a variable return. Lewis is a retired corporate executive, entrepreneur, and investment advisor in Texas.

At your bank, or if you don't have a bank try a supermarket.

However, if you hold the bond to its 20-year maturity, your return will jump considerably to a compounded rate of return of roughly 3.5% per year. However, at maturity in year 20, the bond would be redeemable for ,000.

Thus, savings bonds purchased in a low-interest rate environment provide the best return when held to maturity, to take advantage of the minimum guaranteed return.

Savings bonds are one of the world's safest investments. There are two types of savings bonds issued by the U. The bonds mature after 20 years, at which point the U. Treasury will guarantee that investors have doubled their money.

Government, savings bonds offer a safe place to build savings for the long-term at the cost of a relatively low investment return. They're purchased at a discount to their face value, and accrue interest monthly based on a fixed rate at the time they are issued.

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Series I bonds issued since the 2008 financial crisis have most frequently paid a fixed rate of 0%. However, as inflation has been positive in all but one six-month period since then, the bonds have earned a return significantly higher than their fixed rate of 0%.

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