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Lauren lee smith eric balfour dating

The stories include a poker player on a losing streak, a mother with a secret life and one that follows a woman on a series of speed dates.

Their colourful disagreements are entertaining, although we begin to believe that it's all staged in an irritatingly indulgent mock-reality TV way. Apr.07 dvd 04/Slovenia Swipe 1h32 Colourful and goofy, this silly comedy isn't very original or deep, but it's surprisingly endearing as it tries to examine the nature of masculinity in a seriously unmasculine subculture.

While the channel's tagline "Where it gets interesting" does not fully match the acronym WIGS; on their website, the words "Where It Gets . ." are used to begin to describe each series, and the last word is changed.

For example, for the first series, "Jan," the tagline is, "Where It Gets Spicy." The channel features series that follow the lives of different women. Experience brief moments in the eclectic lives of these characters and more in our series of short films.

And there are so many characters that we never really get to know any of them.

So when one has a complete meltdown ("Why come all the way here to do something that's bad?

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