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Kimberly raye dead end dating novels

It will take all of her goddess powers to make this final dream come true.When his best friend gets married, Rafe realizes it's time to get his own life in order.Somehow, she's going to get back the man she loves, keep the business she needs, and teach her nerdy newbie that size doesn't matter. But when a pregnant demon shows up on her doorstep, Glory knows that everything is about to go to hell in a hand basket.Alesa is claiming that the baby she's carrying is Rafe's, conceived while she was inhabiting Glory's body.Only problem is, theres a billionaire techno-freak vampire hunter on the loose. Glory wont cooperate willingly, but, when the scumbags rob her faithful doggie protector Valdez of his power, that gets her attention.Blades in total he-vampire mode, and orders me to move in so he can protect me. Glory will do anything to save him, even shape-shift into something the jaded EVs cant fight.

Glory must win her man back and prove to her nemisis that she's where she's always wanted to be, even if it means dragging Jerry back to Texas. Normally Glory wouldn't feel threatened by a mortal with amorous intentions, but Jerry's ex just happens to be a beautiful voodoo priestess with evil spirits at her beck and call-and a serious lack of conscience when it comes to getting what she wants.Just when you think things may work out for Glory, something new pops up into the mix.Real vampires will definitely have more to love in this novel! Clair kicked out the demon that had set up shop in her body, but she had some serious fallout, mainly to her relationship with longtime lover Jeremy Blade.Before Glory can win him back, she has a few issues of the hellish variety to deal with.First, some visitors from the Dark Side want to make her their hell-buddy, and they definitely like to fight dirty.

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This debut novel about a fashion-savvy vampire is a real winner.

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