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Jennifer Richardson was named the first director of Ontario’s Anti-Human Trafficking Coordination Office in 2016 and is leading the Strategy to End Human Trafficking for the Ministry of Community and Social Services.Richardson says Kenora checks a number of boxes for communities with a large amount of human trafficking: a prevalence of addictions and mental health cases, high rates of missing persons, and a tourism economy (which tends to promote transient populations).

It will use some of the funding to hire a program manager, but the majority of the money will go towards training frontline hospitality workers to spot red flags signalling possible human trafficking.

​KENORA — Lake of the Woods boasts 15,000 islands and more than 100,000 kilometres of shoreline — more coast than Lake Superior — so it’s easy enough to get lost once you leave Kenora’s docks.

For the tourists who think of themselves as “summer residents” at their cottages, locally known as camps, getting lost on the lake is a part of its appeal.

As part of the ongoing strategy, Kenora will receive 4,000 over three years to educate frontline hospitality workers — people who might be first-hand witnesses, such as dockhands, fast food workers, and hotel staff — on how to identify signs of human trafficking.

The hope is that by doing so, the province will be able to find and assist the “dock girls” who are coerced into servicing tourists.

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For instance, girls travelling with groups of older men can be taken as a sign.

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