Ke ha dating 2016 principle of superposition relative dating

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Ke ha dating 2016

June, 2011: Ke$ha gives a deposition – just unsealed – during the DAS case. Luke never made sexual advances at me." Her lawyer now claims that she "equivocated" in her testimony because she was "under threat" from Luke at the time.

What might be in the rest of these sealed depositions is a matter of some dispute.

Gottwald had convinced her to drop out of school and move to Los Angeles from Nashville the prior year, after being impressed by her demos.

Her record deal lasts for up to six albums, at Gottwold's sole discretion – a model not uncommon in the record business.

In a mixed verdict, Ke$ha is ordered to pay DAS only 55% of the money they claim she owes.August 7, 2009: Ke$ha's debut single "Tik Tok" is released.Despite her initial feelings that the song "kind of sucked," it spends nine weeks at number one and goes on to be the best-selling single of 2010, rising to the top of the charts in eleven countries. The album that follows, , sells four and a half million records worldwide.This time, he files it in Tennessee, where she lives.This is done as a precautionary measure in case she claims that the prior suit, filed in New York, doesn't apply to her because she doesn't live there.

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Since then, it's been a parade of horrific allegations, lawsuits, stunted artistic vision, and the occasional huge hit to make it worthwhile for the record company and producer to keep fighting for control.