Jun matsumoto and yukie nakama dating

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Jun matsumoto and yukie nakama dating

I'm sure no one will agree with me, but I kept getting a Mick Jagger vibe whenever I saw him, and maybe that has everything to do with his full, luscious lips, eh? In the first season, Yankumi fell in love with Shinohara Tomoya (the gorgeous cop), and in season 2, it was Tanihara Shosuke as Kujo Takuma (girls school teacher) - so, what happened in season 3, I don't recall - Ah yes - the school's visiting physician, Koizumi Kotaro as Natsume Seichi.In the movie, returns as a potential political candidate who turns out to be a really nasty guy this time - but I was super-glad to see his fine ass again regardless.They had dated for four years from 2004 to fall, 2007.She explained the reason of their break-up as “their busy schedules” to the media.She is scheduled to deliver a baby by the end of this year.Currently she works in Japan for one to two weeks and goes back to Hawaii for the rest of the month to be with her family every month.It was season 2 that had the best-looking cast members, and yet for me it turned out to be the least memorable of the 4 shows - I'm not sure why, though.

Never in my life could I have anticipated nor even hoped to derive as much pleasure from an overly popularized Manga turned Anime turned JDorama about high school life as I did when I decided to give a try.

Season 2 had Koide Keisuke as Hyuuga Kosuke, who got a night job at a club that had a secret gambling room he discovered by mistake, and when his okaasan came to his rescue, it was the most heart-wrenching scene of the entire series, I think.

In season 3 it was Miura Haruma as Kazama Ren who secretly vowed to help his older sister so she wouldn't have to work so hard to support them.

She has a daughter and is expecting a second child One year after her marriage, June delivers a beautiful daughter in December, 2012.

Her kid may not look like a girl in this picture, but looks more girly in the picture below; With this very photo posted on Instagram, June announced she is expecting a second child.

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It may have seemed repetitious to some and pointless to others for the added hype, but getting to see a new group of cute, senior high boys struggle to maintain their last shred of dignity while facing bad at every turn proved interesting and worthwhile to me.

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