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Additionally, I think parents will see how incorporating farm wisdom into what they teach their children will prepare them for missions and the real work that raising a family requires.” For more on "Farm Wisdom for City Folks," visit Enjoy sailing with John Bytheway, Cruise Lady and our adventurous LDS group as we create memories to last a lifetime!So on the CD, ‘W’ stands for 'Work Ethic,' ‘H’ is for 'Law of the Harvest,' ‘E’ is for the 'Everyday nature of farm work,' ‘A’ is for 'Animals and Life,' and ‘T’ is for 'Thrift and Self-Reliance'.” MT: Considering your many travels and experiences, tell us about the most memorable agricultural/farm moment from your life?JB: “My own backyard, and my mom and dad’s backyard, is where I learned about tomatoes and weeds and daily maintenance.Terms and Conditions: Advertised rates INCLUDE port charges but DO NOT INCLUDE shore excursions, airfare, or gratuities.

Popular BYU Education Week speaker; in demand youth speaker; author of the What I wish I”d Known..

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It’s also a timely subject, since we’re struggling with issues of entitlement and work ethic in our world right now.” MT: How did you come up with the W-H-E-A-T acronym?

JB: “I looked for common threads or principles in my research, and it looked to me like the wisdom gleaned from the farm fit nicely into five groups — and by an amazing coincidence, (wink, wink), they just happened to spell WHEAT (I had to force it a little).

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But I have to say that it was working with my grandpa, who grew up on a farm in Mountain Home, Idaho, that had the most influence.